About Us


EPRC is a platform for green activists, Preservationists, ecologists, advocacies of sustainable development and all such Nature Lovers to associate, share, contribute and do their due to Mother Earth and the fellow beings. Registered under the Indian Trusts Act 1882, the Trust carves a significant niche in “Naturing” as proclaimed in the banner itself. Naturing involves an unswerving commitment to restore the prestineness of Nature which has continually been spoilt, subjugated, defaced and hampered. We organize awareness programmes workshops and symposia for sensitizing and stimulating the youth for their meaningful interventions in this area of utmost significance for futurity. We propagate a comprehensive vision for the progress of the Trust which is the principle of sustainable development without disturbing Nature’s equipoise. programs of enlightenment are underway designed to do away with the retrograde compartmentalization that impose hierarchies on “pens, paws, plums and plumes” and to establish all engrossing Oneness celebrated in our ancient scriptures. We also partake in Global initiatives launched by UNEP, WWF, Greening Earth, Ozone defense, Swachh Bharat Abhiyan, Freedom from plastics etc.