Follow-up Letter/Email to RDO, Nedumangad on Illegal and Mass Destruction of an Unique and Beautiful Natural Hill and Encroachment of Revenue Porambokke of River Killiyar at Kollamkkavu, Nearby Nedumangad Town.

Trivandrum Hospitals Private Ltd.’s New Hospital Project Got An Illegitimate Permission from Tahsildar, Nedumangad For Constructing a Rivercross Concrete Bridge Over Killiyar. (Survey/Re-survey No: 354/02, 354/01, 355, 356/02, 373/02, 373/03, 373/04 at Anad Revenue Village Office. Applicant Name: Dr. Nahla)

Hill Destruction by Trivandrum Hospitals Private Limited in Anad Village of Nedumangad Revenue Division.

Respected RDO, Nedumangad,

Sir, I lodged a Complaint (No:1982/2020 dated:03.03.2020) to you regarding encroachment of Revenue Porambokke & possible destruction of a Natural Terrain of a big laterite hill in Anad Village by M/s.Trivandrum Hospitals Pvt.Ltd. Please check the details from Taluk Office in relation with the mentioned Hospital Project (Survey/Re-survey No:

354/02, 354/01, 355, 356/02, 373/02, 373/03, 373/04

at Anad Revenue Village Office. Applicant Name: Dr. Nahla ). They have basic permission from Tahsildar, NDD for the construction of a bridge over Killiyar(totally illegal, His Permission & NoC from AEE, Irri.Dept is not enough for such a bridge crossing River). Now they unscientifically chopped the Natural Slope to Killiyar(Extreme straight).

Today they re-started the work with Earth Movers. Now they abutted Killiyar & its porambokke(കിള്ളിയാറിന്‍റെ റവന്യു പുറമ്പോക്ക് ഭൂമി) with Tahsildar’s permit. We are damn sure, the activities progressing there will negatively affect the River as well as its surrounding areas. Already this area’s Ground Water level depleting day by day.

See the Current face of Killiyar River. No Water there. After seeing these official procedures & other documents we feel there is some kind of possible malpractices happened from Tahsildar’s office. Already this Land had a serious history of scams/court cases.

As we know, the Tahsildar, Nedumangad granted permission only with an illegitimate NoC from the Assistant Executive Engineer, Irrigation Department. Sir, Please Note, this bridge is for a new Hospital Project(as per the document produced by the M/s. Trivandrum Hospitals Pvt. Ltd., Mulloorkkonam). So basically they need many terrain alternations to work on above-mentioned survey numbered land. Not only the river Killiyar and it’s one main tributary passing through two sides of this land. So far the work

We know Today & Tomorrow is public holiday. That might be the reason for this particular day for this earthmoving works.

Sir, we request you to order VO/ Tahsildar to issue Stop Memo & Report this to Police SHO or CI till Monday.

Sanjeev S J.
Comp. No.1982/2020

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